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The Threads Together project established a multinational group of 12 women of diverse faiths and cultures who have moved to Perth from abroad, often from areas of political or military conflict.

The group began with an introduction to Pullars and its history of dyeing, before screenprinting tote bags.

Through the universal language of crafts, the group began tie dyeing and embroidery.

Emblems and positive affirmations were sewn onto the quilt, inspired by individual and collective identity.

"I had so much fun doing it all. I was inspired by environment"

Project Partners: Perth Syrian Families Support Group, Scottish Refugee Council, ESOL Perth

"Be Happy" is in my language and English. This is my favourite flower - I have been drawing it from the age of 7"

"I loved the project. It was a different experience for me, I was together with many people."

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