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The Shadow World

Walker & Bromwich

In their new commission for Perth Museum and Art Gallery, artists Walker & Bromwich have created a dark site of contemplation in which silhouettes of once common local mammals are cast across the gallery. Suggestive of cave paintings and mythological underworlds, this installation provides a glimpse of possible future loss. 

The Shadow World contains delicate evocations of endangered animals, questioning what will be left without positive change and intervention. These animals are drawn from The Red List Scottish Mammals, each threatened with extinction from habitat loss and disruption to food chains through changing land use, pesticides and human behaviour. 


This installation is an uncomfortable suggestion of the near future when these endangered mammals are lost, existing instead in memory and trace.

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Walker & Bromwich

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Glasgow-based collaborative duo Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich are known for their large-scale iconic sculptural works, participatory events and exhibitions that invite audiences to imagine better worlds. At the core of their approach is the exploration of the role art can play as an active agent in society in transforming thinking in relation to how we live in the world around us.


Walker & Bromwich have presented work at MCA Sydney; Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art; Tate Britain; V&A, London; Glasgow International; Edinburgh Art Festival, ACCA, Melbourne; Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; SEA + Triennale Jakarta, Thessaloniki Biennale, Greece. As well as expansive public commissions such as Celestial Radio 2002-13 and the Workers Maypole for Great Exhibition of the North 2018.

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