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In Our Own Words: Voices from the Collections

This year Perth & Kinross Archive are launching the In Our Own Words project to catalogue our rich collection of oral histories.

Through the voices of those who lived and worked in Perth & Kinross between the early twentieth and twenty-first centuries we celebrate the unique histories and cultural traditions that shaped the landscape and people of Perth & Kinross.

Thanks to funding from Archives Revealed this collection, unique to our region, will be accessible for the first time, allowing us to develop a richer understanding of the past crafts, industries, agriculture, recreation and home life of Perthshire.

In this exhibition we invite you to listen to a small sample from the Perth & Kinross Sound Archive, a collection of recordings made in the 1980s where rural residents share their memories of living and working on the land.

Sandy Gray
00:00 / 22:49
James McLaren
00:00 / 23:21
Jimmy Morton
00:00 / 20:11
Ella Kirk
00:00 / 22:58
Lizzie Henderson
00:00 / 12:19
Ogg Lawrence
00:00 / 23:22
Tom Jarvis
00:00 / 22:27

In our own words

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