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Join our local nature hunt and BioBlitz your garden or local greenspace. By looking for species both common and rare you are contributing to a local snapshot of our wildlife. 

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Biodiversity simply means the whole rich variety of life -animals, plants, fungi, micro-organisms, and the ecosystems they form and the habitats in which they live. Unfortunately, biodiversity is declining faster than at any other time. How we grow food, consume resources, and dispose of waste is having an impact and climate change is happening too fast for species to adapt and survive. Many species are threatened with extinction.

Perth and Kinross Garden Bioblitz is organised as a part of the programme to accompany The Shadow World, a new installation by artists Walker & Bromwich at Perth Museum and Art Gallery. The installation opens on the 24th July and runs until the 30th January 2021 and is free to visit.

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From now until 31 Jan 2022



Your own garden or a local park or greenspace 



Record your observations of wild plants and animals that you see in your garden or park. A BioBlitz is a project to record all the species of an area over a short period of time.



Follow the fun on Facebook and Twitter with #CPKBioBlitz and share your garden observations via the iNaturalist App. iNaturalist helps you identify the plants and animals around you and to learn about nature.



Have fun, relax, and enjoy your connection with nature. You can take part on your own or with family, friends, and colleagues. What you discover will provide valuable information on the current state of nature in Perth & Kinross and contribute new scientific data to help wildlife conservation and research. Let’s see what we can find!


Plant Pollinators

Watch your flowerbed for bees, hoverflies, and butterflies. 


Dawn Chorus

Listen and identify birds singing in your garden as the sun rises. 

Twilight Hour

Shine a light for moths and watch out for bats and hedgehogs. What night-time visitors can you find?


Cool Creepy Crawlies

Look under logs and stones for snails, slugs and woodlice.


Wonderful Wildflowers

Which wildflowers are growing in your lawn, in cracks in the pavement or on walls?

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